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Flattr is way for content producers to be paid by content consumers.

Get paid for your work

A must-have for bloggers, developers, designers and other creators. Just add a button to your blog or website and wait for people to click. When they do, you get paid.

Support creators

Give to creators with just one click. We all wish there was an easy way to give to those who serve us with free content. Flattr is just that!


Configure _config/site.yml

Your _config/site.yml needs to include the property flattr_username with your account identifier.

Property Description
flattr_username The Flattr username receiving flattrs

Use page.flattr_javascript

This will emit the javascript necessary to provide Flattr button integration. This should be used once and only once per page hosting a Flattr button. Put it for example in the footer area.

  = page.content
  = page.flattr_javascript 


This will emit a large Flattr button like this one.


This is okay to invoke it several times per page and ie put several Flattr buttons.

By default, the Flattr button will be associated with

You can override these however passing respectively the url, title and category parameters. You can even associate a set of comma separated tags via the tags property.

  = page.flattr_large_counter
      = page.flattr_large_counter((
          :title=>"Emmanuel Bernard", 


This will emit a compact Flattr button. Otherwise, everything is like page.flattr_large_counter.





Generic Installation do

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