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The Posts extension scans pages within a particular subtree of your site, and if they match the format of YYYY-MM-DD-post-title, they are registered as blog posts, and slightly manipulated.


The constructor takes up to 2 parameters. The first specifies a sub-tree to scan, and defaults to the empty string. The prefix you specify should not end with a slash.

The second parameter is the name of the property upon site the resulting collection of pages should be assigned to. By default the assign-to property is posts.


Any page identified as a post will, at render time, have the following properties added or manipulated:

Property Description
page.next_XXX Points to the next most recent post page, or nil if the current page is the latest post
page.previous_XXX Points to the previous most recent page, or nil if the current page is the oldest post A Time object encoding the date from the path
page.output_path Adjusted to use directory layouts for the path segments representing date parts
page.content Provide the rendered content of the page, without any layout applied. Normally only used for providing summaries

The navigational next_XXX and previous_XXX properties are named after the singular form of the assignment property. By default, since the assignment property is posts, these properties end up being named next_post and previous_post.

These properties point to the actual page object for these other posts. As such, you can directly reference their url, title or other properties you've set upon them.

For instance, in a given post, you can provide navigational links:

- if page.next_post
  %a{:href=>page.next_post.url} Next: #{page.next_post.title}


From within any template, the assigned property is available from the site object, and provides an array to access all pages that are categorized as posts.

To create a "latest news" type of page, you could have a template such as

- for post in site.posts
      %a{:href=>post.url}= post.title
      = '%d %B %Y' )
      ~ post.content

Parameters, assign_to)

Parameter Description
path_prefix The sub-tree to scan for pages acting as news posts.
assign_to the property upon `site` to assign the resulting post pages.


Generic Installation do
  extension, assign_to)

Typical Usage do
  extension '/news', :posts )

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