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Avoids absolute URL's. This extension has a method relative() to translates an absolute URL into a relative URL. Very handy in the navigation menu of layouts. Absolute URL's, such as /foo/bar.html are trouble. they don't work in a local static website (file:///foo/bar.html) and they don't work online if the awestruct website isn't on the root of the domain (for example it's completely under http//


In for example base.html.haml, use:

%a{:href => relative("/download/download.html")} Download
%a{:href => relative("/learn/documentation.html")} Documentation

For /index.html this will result in:

<a href="download/download.html">Download</a>
<a href="learn/documentation.html">Documentation</a>

But for /foo/bar.html this will result in:

<a href="../download/download.html">Download</a>
<a href="../learn/documentation.html">Documentation</a>

And for /one/two/three.html this will result in:

<a href="../../download/download.html">Download</a>
<a href="../../learn/documentation.html">Documentation</a>

Of course, it works on all kinds of URL usages:

%link{:rel => "shortcut icon", :href => relative("/favicon.ico")}

To make it work properly in partials, you need to pass along the outputPage to every partial and to the relative function:

The outputPage blogAggregation.html.haml passes itself:

= partial('blogPostBody.html.haml', :outputPage => page, ...)

to the partial blogPostBody.html.haml, which passes that outputPage:

= partial('userBadge.html.haml', :outputPage => page.outputPage, ...)

to the partial userBadge.html.haml, which passes it to the relative call:

%img{:src => relative("/common/twitterLogo.png", page.outputPage)}




Generic Installation do

Simple Installation do
  helper Awestruct::Extensions::Relative

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