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Awestruct 0.5.1 Released

Hot off the press is another version of Awestruct: 0.5.1!

This was mainly a bug fix. You can see the full log at For those interested in the actual commit history, it can be found at…​0.5.1. The main fixes (and one enhancement) are detailed below:

  • Deploy task in the Rakefile is fixed

  • Layout in the Posts extension is now post

  • Support for Zurb Foundation (



Foundation Support

Foundation is another CSS framework similar to 960, blueprint, or Twitter Bootstrap. It be use at the start of project creation:

$ awestruct -i -f foundation

Automated Build and Deploy

I’d like to highlight a new documentation section that was added between the 0.5.0 and this release: Automated deployment to GitHub Pages by Dan Allen. This documents how to easily get a site up and running and published on GitHub pages, but it doesn’t stop there! Dan demonstrates how to use Travis to do automatic site deployment on git commit! It’s never been easier to publish an Awestruct site.


Thanks to everyone who has contributed to Awestruct and those of you who use it, help others to use it and/or evangelize the technology. We’re honored to have you as part of the community!

Now go create awesome sites!