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Awestruct 0.5.2 Released

We’re on a roll with Awestruct: 0.5.2!

This was mainly a bug fix release again, however, we did slip in a few small improvements. You can see the full log at Milestone 0.5.2. For those interested in the actual commit history, it can be found at GitHub. Here are the list of bug fixes:

  • Fixing the missing bootstrap-affix.js file, done by upgrading the bootstrap-sass version

  • git is no longer required for deployment unless it’s checking for uncommitted changes

  • Version range of dependencies is better. We many have swung too far on this, let us know.

  • asciidoctor tests have been fixed

  • Returning 404 pages if the requested index page cannot be found

The smaller list of improvements:

  • Adding a default Gemfile on init

  • You can exclude paths from the Indexifier extension based on a regexp

  • minification is less chatty




Thanks to everyone who has contributed to Awestruct and those of you who use it, help others to use it and/or evangelize the technology. We’re honored to have you as part of the community!

Now go create awesome sites!